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LG EG9600 VS Samsung JS8500 4k TV Comparison

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Production of Televisions never got aggressively competitive as is the situation in 2015 with top Television manufacturers battling it off with the application of the most recent technological advancements in quality picture production. Quite an interesting competition scenario that can attract the attention of avid television vision is the battle between LG’S and Samsung’s yet best and most superior models as of now. LG’s EG9600 Series is its best with very prospective advancements to every make in the series in store. Samsung on the other hand had their best craftsmanship put at the frontline of the manufacture of the Samsung JS8500 Series.

Who has the more superior model of the two and where does the superiority lie at? A head to head review of the specifications and designs of both Television Series certainly brings out the revelation.

The curve

For starters, if the viewer’s preference for the design of the screen is inclined to a more curved one, then the make to settle on is the LG EG9600 series. Samsung’s JS8500 series is less curved as opposed to the LG E9600 Series. The tie-breaker would be definitely in the obtaining a statistic for viewers on either sides of the competition, curved or rather flat televisions.

Resolution and display technology

Going by the resolution technology, it is worth noting that both manufacturers have managed to sail to the technological front of the use of 4K Resolution, which is associated with quality image production for viewing. Thus a tie prevails once more.

A closer look into the display technology used however sets out the difference. The LG EG9600 Series utilizes the OLED Technology (Organic Light Emitting Diode Technology) which the manufactures rely on for the delivery of better image quality and the production of appealing shades of black that result in the generation of a truly infinite contrast ratio. The OLED Technology’s application is prominent in mobile phone production but LG has been able to scale up the production of OLEDs to cater for TV production too.

The Samsung JS8500 Series utilizes the Nano-crystal technology. The reliance on Nano-crystals, which is closely related to the use of Quantum particles, results in the improvement of color produced and enhances contrast by provision of brighter highlights. This according to Samsung is “revolutionary Nano-Crystal Technology”.

The LG EG9600 Series however takes the lead since OLED technology has according to viewers, been more impressive in the image Quality.


HDR support

HDR is, in the TV production industry, expected to be the next greatest advancement of Display technology after 4K. Moving on to the future and current HDR(High Dynamic Range) support, the Samsung JS8500 is on the lead since the feature is lacking in the LG EG9600 series. The Samsung JS8500 is in fact the least expensive television of its kind that is compatible with HDR content. The lead on the grounds of HDR Support for the Samsung JS8500 series may be short lived since LG is already working of having the feature included in the upcoming television productions in the LG EG9600 series.

Screen inch sizes in production

Size is also another factor that would require to be addressed in the quest for the more superior make. Apparently, both manufacturers have made it to 65 Inches for the screen size. LG’S LG 65EG9600 is their largest television in the Series, while Samsung’s UN65JS8500 is Samsung’ largest one. The manufactures in both Companies also produce Televisions with 55-inch screens. Samsung however goes an extra step in the production of a 48inch screen Television. Well, depending of the way one views size as a factor, both makes have all it takes to be the best, but in addressing the size range, Samsung’s Js8500 Series maybe clinches the win, just maybe.


Remote controls in relation to viewer-television interaction.

The manufacturers of both makes have also directed extensive effort in enhancing comfort in the viewing by developing better TV remotes (TVclickers) for both makes. With the Samsung Js8500 Series, the remote produced was somewhat a disappointment with the removal of dedicated buttons such as the keypad, voice search and fast-forward/rewind. On the other hand, the TV clicker accompanying the LG EG9600 series (dubbed the LG magic Remote) is bigger (with the addition of a numeric keypad and a settings key) and more responsive than that of its predecessors which makes motion control precise. The LG Eg9600 Series has an edge over the Samsung JS8500 as far as viewer-Television interaction is concerned.


In addition to the curve which may be a preference to select television viewers, the LG EG9600 has a sliver of silver that adorns its screen in addition to the illuminated LG logo which a viewer can turn on and off at will. With the Samsung JS8500, there is the inclusion of a thin bezel around the screen whose appearance creates the sense of actual metal. There is also a Samsung logo, which is one of the most articulate logos.

The processor

Once again, there is a tie between the LG EG9600 Series and the Samsung JS8500 Series on the grounds on the type of the processor in use. Quad core processors are used in the production of both TV series’ in order to enhance fast response time intervals associated in most cases with sports viewing.


Price will always matter as far as value for money is in question. It is quite applicable in the context of this comparison where the LG EG9600, which is yet viewed as the best in terms of satisfaction levels to the viewers, comes at an astonishingly high price. The 65-inch LG EG9600 retails at $6999 in the USA. That is quite expensive for a television. Well, that stands as a fact upon the comparison with the 65-inch UN65JS8500 which retails at $2149.99. These are the current prices (2015 November)

The similarities in the production details taken into account by the Television producers are many but viewer experience has revealed that the LG EG9600 is more superior to the Samsung JS8500 series.

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4 Best Tips For A DIY Paint Job  Comments Off on 4 Best Tips For A DIY Paint Job 

4 Best Tips For A DIY Paint Job 

Posted by on Nov 1, 2015 in Painting, Tips

Home improvement doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or involve professionals at all. In fact, you can probably do everything around the house (or the majority of repairs) by yourself if only you had the right tips and motivation.  

Still, I would recommend that you start small and learn on your way. Therefore, if you think that your home should get a fresher look, why not give it a makeover with a DIY paint job. This is probably the quickest and the easiest way to refresh your home and its overall appearance, but more importantly it is also something that you can do all by yourself, just by following these simple tips: 

  1. Make Preparations 

Home-painting-contractorFirst of all, you will have to remember that preparation is the key to your success. Painting your walls is not at all demanding, but you could make a real mess if you don’t do it carefully and by following these essential tips. Moreover, you want your painting job to look as if done by a professional, even though you are not one. Therefore, pay attention to details and especially to preparations if you want for the end results to amaze everyone including yourself!

  1. Apply A Primer

If you buy the right equipment, you are making things so much easier for yourself, since you won’t have to deal with faulty or inadequate equipment. Firstly, you will have to prepare the walls and deal with cracks. This means you will need a primer and the necessary equipment to apply a primer. Also, you will have to identify the cracks which need filling, but also you will need to identify areas which need sanding prior to applying primer and paint.

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  1. Use Quality Brushes

Quality equipment will definitely make your task easier. Therefore, do not be cheap or try to save money when buying brushes, because it is an investment. You should invest money and get quality brushes, roller covers and painter’s tape. Also some quality paining material will save you from having to do additional painting and repainting, since they will provide excellent coverage from the start.

  1. It’s All About The Timing

iStock_000001555992_ExtraSmallSurely, you can paint your house any time of the year. Still, if you can pick and choose, try to do your painting job in the summer, since this will allow the walls to dry more quickly, and this makes summer the perfect time for painting since it is usually the driest part of the year. If you have to paint during a different part of year, you should not despair too much, since it too has its advantages. If you are painting in time other than summer, you will be able to correct all the painting mistakes since the paint will not dry as quickly. Still, you should try to avoid painting during rainy days, since the humidity in the air can make the paint dry painstakingly slowly and you will have to wait for it to dry completely before applying the next coat of paint.

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